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CENTENARY - Inauguration Ceremony
CENTENARY - Dance Competition
CENTENARY - Elocution (JR) Competition
CENTENARY - Elocution (SR) Competition
CENTENARY - Essay Competition
CENTENARY - Singing (JR) Competition
CENTENARY - Singing (SR) Competition

Year 2004-05

S.S.C. Farewell
22-Dec-2004: Christmas Day Celebration
26-Jan-2005: Brass Band Comp
05-Feb-2005: H.S.C. Farewell
01-Mar-2005- U-10 Hockey wins Bronze
Annual Celebration 2005
Staff Picnic

Year 2005-06

2005-Feb-26: New School Leaders
15-Aug-2006: Independence Day
14-Nov-2005 Children's Day
22-Nov-2005: Science Exhibition
30-Nov-2005: Felicitation Retiring Teachers
20-Dec-2006: Crib Competition
06-Jan-2006: Annual Sports
27-Jan-2006: Annual Day Celebration
03-Feb-2006: H.S.C. Farewell
10-02-2006: S.S.C. Farewell
14-Mar-2006 Staff Picnic
Farewell Report Tr. Rajan 
Students Picnic
Christmas Celebration

Year 2006-07

2006-07 New School leaders
15-Aug-2006 Independence Day
Teachers Day

Year 2007-08

School Reopens
2007-08 Investiture Ceremony
Tree Plantation Programme




Felicitation Tr. Rosamma Rajan & Tr. RamanI Titus

Tr. Rosamma Rajan

A farewell Report…


But we all have to face it tomorrow...

Life changes its course and attire

We have to age and retire 58 – the age to retire from active service and classroom teaching. A time for rest and contemplation. A time to relive your sweet memories …

Tr. Ammini (Rosamma Rajan) and Tr. Ramani Titus have crossed the threshold of retirement. They received a warm and heart-touching farewell from the St. Francis D’Assisi Management and staff.

The retiring teachers entered the hall with showers of flowers petals and songs. Sir Francis and his group entertained the staff and sang farewell song.

Tr. Ramani Titus completed 28 years of service to the school. Tr. Pritha Chaudhary recounted her contribution to the pupils and the Institution.

Teachers like them are hard to find

Good health, God bless them from above

Happiness, joy and peace with love.